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If you follow our agency on social media or if you have visited our website lately, you might not even recognize us. That is because we have undergone a major facelift, yet we are the same full service independent agency that you know and love. With that in mind, we are proud to share the latest exciting news about HSGW Insurance.

You probably know us as Heinsz Schaefer Garwitz Insurance. We are pleased to announce that Doug White has joined the agency’s ownership team, and now takes on a more active role in management and planning, in addition to sales. Thus the “W” in our more efficient agency name: HSGW Insurance. The rest of the staff remains the same, and we are as excited as ever to provide top-notch service to all of our customers.

Our newest pride and joy is our relaunched website, which we hope you will visit and bookmark at www.hsgwinsurance.com. If you are familiar with our old site, you will see that this is a major upgrade in both appearance and functionality. Customers now have the option of requesting common service items such as a quote, ID card, certificate, policy change, or filing a claim. There is extensive information about the lines of insurance we provide, the carriers we represent, our agency staff and history, and much more. Stay tuned for even more functionality enhancements down the road.

With a new name comes a new identity. With that in mind, we are proud to unveil our new logo:


If you are interested in the psychology behind this logo, the font was selected for its unique set of characters. The lower case letters provides better readability and gives it a more modern and memorable look. The icon takes on several meanings. It may be viewed as a wheel or umbrella which relate to insurance topics, as well as symbolizing progressive, forward movement. When viewed differently it may be perceived as a translucent cube, which symbolizes depth and security as key concepts. The maroon color speaks to trustworthiness and reliability, which we always hope to provide.

Finally, we have updated our social media outlets accordingly. If you have not already, we ask that you please like our agency page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hsgis) and follow us on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/heinsz-schaefer-garwitz-insurance-services). We like to share useful and entertaining information with our customers and friends.

As always, we want to sincerely thank our customers who continue to do business with us. We never take it lightly that you entrust us to protect some of your biggest investments. We pledge to always keep working hard for you, and we are happy to share in this exciting step in our agency’s history.